Anthony Silverbrow on the Guardian's Word of Mouth blog contemplates what his daughter's first solid meal should be:

There is surprisingly little independent guidance (i.e., not written by those trying to flog a series of books) on what babies should be fed. There's a mini-industry around last meals, there's a lot of gnashing of teeth about what to give early meals, but first solid meals seem to be overlooked.

Is any meal more significant than our first? For the food obsessed, does it get any more existential than pondering what to pass between our lips for the very first time? I have a gut feeling that the first meal will determine how that child approaches food for the rest of their lives. I'm interested to hear what you fed your baby as their first meal and why.

I haven't had to wrestle with this yet, but I'm thinking of feeding lil' Pepperoni Kuban puréed pizza as his/her first solid bite. I wonder if that will fly.


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