Vintage Candy Monday: Big Cherry

Editor's Note: We're back with Vintage Candy Monday, in celebration of Halloween. This week, the presence of maraschino cherries in candy. Do you agree?


Halloween!I fear maraschino cherries. Ever since my mom limited my Shirley Temple intake "because that red dye will probably give you cancer," I have associated maraschino cherries with death. But, I realize that maraschino cherry lovers lurk, much like the grape candy enthusiasts, and I'm happy they have this outlet: the Big Cherry.

The Big Cherry started in 1887 with Christopher's Candy, the oldest candy company in Southern California, later acquired by Sunkist Candy. Each individually-wrapped candy contains a real maraschino at the center mixed with bright pink goo and layered with chocolate and peanut hunks. Golf ball-sized, this is a three-biter.


Unlike me, our intern Kerry Saretsky adores the "saccharine, inimitable flavor and texture of the maraschino cherry." She even orders grenadine with soda water and a handful of cherries at bars, because apparently Shirley Temples aren't cherry enough for her. Where do you stand on the maraschino cherry issue?

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