Photograph from thebittenword.com on Flickr

A Slate reader asks the Green Lantern, "If I can't eat my share, is a CSA still an environmentally sound choice?"

This spring I considered joining a local CSA. I like knowing exactly where my food comes from and the direct connection to a farm, and the weekly or biweekly pick-up meant I'd be eating plenty of fruits and veggies, at least in theory. In practice, I find it can be challenging to cook with unfamiliar ingredients or even familiar ones that I'm tired of. I ultimately decided that shopping at the local farmers' market would be a better choice for me—I could support local farms, and buy only what I needed and wanted.

If you belong to a CSA, do you find it challenging to put all your produce to good use? What do you do with your unused fruits and veggies?


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