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It was an amusing sight: Last Thursday night, food-lovers around town converged on a corner in the Mission, politely lining up next to a closed up catering truck that said "antojitos." Strangers stopped and asked us what we were all waiting for. Line waiters chatted on their iPhones, telling friends to meet them on the corner. Then, right at 8 p.m., the windows were opened, and new signs covered the antojitos signs that said "Mission Street Food." This is what we had all been waiting for: the promise of delicious sandwiches from a gourmet chef serving from a taco truck.

The Mission Street Food truck is the brainchild of Anthony Myint, who cooks at nearby Bar Tartine. He mans the "kitchen" with one other person while his wife takes orders.

The menu is short, but the bites I had from that truck were easily the best thing I've eaten all week. The truck specializes in sandwiches on delicious house-made flatbread, which come out looking like gourmet tacos. Here's what's on the menu:

PB & J: Pork belly, jicama, pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli.

King Trumpet: Wild mushroom, triple-fried potato, roasted garlic and scallion sour cream.

Mission Melt: Melted cheese, roasted peppers and avocado.

All sandwiches are $4 and $5, and between two of us we ate three sandwiches. Group consensus was that the pork belly sandwich was the favorite, though for me it was a close call between that and the King Trumpet flatbread. The line went quite slowly, but everyone was friendly and in a great mood . On his blog, Myint mentioned that he has some plans for speeding up the line. Today, the 16th, will be the third night that Mission Street Food does business.

Mission Street Food Truck

Mission St & 21st Street, San Francisco CA 94110 (map)
Every Thursday, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. (or until food runs out)

About the author: Jennifer Maiser lives in San Francisco. She is the founder and editor of the Eat Local Challenge website and writes at Life Begins at 30, her personal weblog.


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