We're bananas for what goes on in Talk. There's so much useful, funny, and interesting stuff going on that we almost can't keep up. Here's some of the discussion that's piqued our interest this week.

Look Who's Talkin'Barbie as a Celebrity Chef?:
"I'll buy when they make a realistic female chef doll. My idea: about 10 lbs overweight, chef's whites with a few stains, a few burn scars on her arms, and a pull string in the back that causes the doll to scream a profanity laced 'If you #####in' steal one more *****in' plate, I'll $$$$$in' stab your ass.'" Then you've got a real chef doll. —beth1

What do you think of Spain... on the Road Again?:
"As beautiful and well-shot as the show is, it's like watching Mario and Bittman's televised mid-life crisis." —Lisa23

Kenny Shopsin's Taco-Fried Chicken, slowly killing us, one bite at a time:
"If this had been a recipe that Paula Deen made on one of her shows, it would have gone up as a 'Paula Deen is trying to kill us #___.'" —ccbweb

This week's NYC burger quest on How I Met Your Mother:
"So IS Regis Philbin's photo hanging in every burger joint in NYC??" —klg19

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