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In a move that may or may not threaten the Middle Eastern peace process, Lebanon is planning to sue Israel in Trade Court over Israel's proprietary Arab food claims:

According to a report by the Deutsche Presse Agentur, Germany's news agency, a Lebanese trade union is planning to sue Israel for claiming that the Jewish state has propriety over traditional Arab cuisine such as falafel, tabbouleh and hummus, which Lebanese consider their own.

All right, if Lebanon is going to sue Israel for falafel copyright infringement, my imagination runs wild at the thought of other countries getting into the food copyright business. After the jump, my list of domestic and international food lawsuits waiting to happen.

Italy sues the United States over pizza.

Germany sues the United States over hamburgers.

Belgium sues France over frites.

Boston sues New York City over chowdah.

Kansas City sues New York City over strip steak.

Come on, serious eaters, let's put together a regional food lawsuit meme. We wanna hear what you got.


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