Photograph from Josh Bancroft on Flickr

Take the kids out of the room for this one. Yesterday, Chicago's 18th Ward alderman Lona Lane proposed an ordinance to city council prohibiting the sale of any frozen dessert from a vehicle operating in the 18th Ward.

According to the Chicago Reader's blog Food Chain, her explanation:

You see them exchange something at the window of the truck but they didn't have any ice cream. So I assumed that they were dealing drugs. I'm not saying every truck is doing that but I prefer them not to be in the 18th Ward. That way we're sure that they are not.

A Drumstick with a side of powdery unknown substance? Won't somebody think of the children? Lane is also responsible for proposing a ban on pet chickens.

Update: The ordinance passed and will go before the full council on November 5!

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