Editor's Note: Every Monday, we'll spotlight a vintage candy to put you in the Halloween mood. This week, the Charleston Chew.

20081005-charlestonchew.jpgNamed after the dance craze during the 1920s, the Charleston Chew (née 1922) comes in vanilla with chocolate coating, strawberry, and chocolate. Though there's no directions on the wrapper, it's an unspoken rule to put a Charleston Chew in the freezer first. Once hard and ice-cold, the Charleston Chew gets a “Charleston Chew Crack," or smack against the table to make for a zillion its and bits. Basically, if you don't know someone with a freezer, you should properly fixate on another candy.

I like that the school bus yellow wrapper has outlived any color changing initiatives, and the abnormally long size is a smart financial investment.

Whether or not you've been to Charleston, you are definitely allowed to love this candy.


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