Honor thy lunch lady. Photograph from ricko on Flickr

Despite the stomach-churning memories you might have of elementary school lunches, The Healthy School Lunch Campaign is around to make sure that mystery meat is healthy, safe, and hopefully edible. The organization formed in 1946 as a response to Harry Truman signing the National School Lunch Act.

They've decided this week is National School Lunch Week, which means anthropomorphized mascots like Petunia Pita Pocket and Gloria Grilled Cheese, but also means awareness about what goes onto the little munchkins' plastic trays. (I'll always remember the pizza served in rectangular boxes.)

What's your favorite school lunch or lunch lady memory?

Bonus: After the jump, an ode to the lunch lady, which we found on Flickr user ricko's photo stream.

An Ode to the Lunch Lady

Teachers come and teachers go,
It's the lunch lady who you get to know.
She ladles the gravy, she scoops the peas,
You can get an extra portion if you just say please.
Five days of the week, the lunch lady is there,
Handing you a tray with a pizza square.
Although some of the food might look a bit scary,
You can rest assured it's sanitary,
Because the lunch lady serves her food with pride,
Even if she's not sure what's inside.
Potato nuggets, corn dogs, pudding and pie,
Cassroles, medleys and something that's fried.
She fills your plate with a smile and a wink,
And reminds you to pick out something to drink.
Lunch lady, lunch lady, you're the diva of the school,
I don't care what my friends say, I still think you're cool.

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