It's been a couple weeks since I've attended a local farmers' market, which always unsettles me a bit. Even when I don't have much to buy, I enjoy checking out markets in the area because they help me remember where we are in the season and feel more connected to the time of year.

After being away for several days, I stepped away from work for a few minutes to attend last Tuesday's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. Most of the customers at this market are business people from nearby offices picking up fruit and vegetables on their lunch hour. It's crowded, but doesn't have the crush of people attending the Saturday market.

For the next week or two, San Francisco markets will be on a precipice of Summer-into-Fall: They still have peaches, tomatoes, and berries but they are making room for apples, winter greens, and pomegranates.

Grapes were in abundance. I picked up a couple pounds of several sorts from Hamada Farms, and hope to freeze them—before eating them all straight from my hand.

I bought a couple pounds of romano beans (pictured above) from Bill at Everything Under the Sun. I was happy to find them, and especially love the braising method, allowing them to cook low and slow. Lucky for us, the blog Smitten Kitten just published a recipe for braised romano beans.

As I purchased Early Girl tomatoes from Michelle at Ella Bella Farm, I asked for a "tomato forecast." She predicted a couple more weeks on the Ella Bella tomatoes.

Realizing I was hungry, I picked up a delicious sandwich from Acme Bread Company: salami, cornichon, and butter on a baguette. Then it was time to head home on the bus.

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About the author: Jennifer Maiser writes about locally and sustainably grown food. She is the founder and editor of the Eat Local Challenge website and writes at Life Begins at 30, her personal weblog.


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