A List of Food Bloggers Using Twitter

20080915-twitterz.jpgAfter initially slagging it off, I've gotten seriously addicted to Twitter in the last few weeks. (Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service. Think of it as somewhere between IM and blogging. Wiki up here.)

In doing so, I've found a whole sort of behind-the-scenes web of foodbloggity goodness going on. There are tons of food bloggers using the service. So recently, I sent out a tweet: "If you are a foodblogger using Twitter, pls reply @seriouseats (And tell us what you use your Twitter for!)"

I wanted to see who was out there and what they were doing with Twitter. My curiosity was two-fold. 1.) I juggle four Twitter accounts—three for Serious Eats and my own personal one—and I use the SE accounts much differently from how I use my personal account. I wanted to see if anyone else made distinctions between personal tweeting and blog tweeting. 2.) I wanted to see if I could learn to tweet better in the service of Serious Eats.

Some answers were expected, others surprising. After the jump, a (by-no-means-complete) list of food bloggers using Twitter. You might want to add some of these folks to spice up your daily tweet feed.

A (By No Means Comprehensive) List of Food Bloggers Using Twitter

Here is a list of food bloggers who either responded to the tweet I put out there or who I follow as I'm Twittering as Serious Eats, Slice, or A Hamburger Today—or who I follow on my personal account. (Yeah, I know. I've got Twitter DID.)

I've tried to include notes about what each Twittering food blogger uses the service for. In cases where there are quotation marks, that's them talking back to my initial question. Italics with no quotation marks are me noting what I've observed them Twitter about. Sometimes I'm not sure, so I've left those blank.

I know I'm following way more food bloggers than are listed here. I just didn't have the time or patience to go through the 800-some people I follow to pluck out food bloggers. If I missed you and you want to get listed on this page, there are instructions at the end of this post.

Addie Broyles
Twitter: broylesa
URL: http://www.austin360.com/relishaustin
Twitters about: "I use twitter to organize food meetups, find sources, share/receive articles, meet other food bloggers. It's a work essential!"

Always Order Dessert
Twitter: nandita
URL: http://www.alwaysorderdessert.com
Twitters about: "I use Twitter to keep up w/ other food bloggers on slightly more personal level, share ideas & recipes, and give/get advice"

All Things Chill
Twitter: SpecialDark
URL: http://allthingschill.com/wordpress
Twitters about: "I give some love to my favorite grocers (Cecil @ Joe's produce) and butchers (Don from Don & Joe's Meats) in Pike Place Market. I also use Twitterfeed to automate new blog posts into my timeline & poll the twitterverse for dinner recs when in a new city!"

Brunch and the City
Twitter: BrunchGirl
URL: http://brunchandthecity.wordpress.com
Twitters about: "I have a brunch blog and find twitter useful for finding post ideas and networking and restaurant recs in DC & travelling."

Candy Blog
Twitter: candyblog
URL: http://www.typetive.com/candyblog

Chew on That
Twitter: ChewOnThat
URL: http://chewonthatblog.com

Chez Pim
Twitter: chezpim
URL: http://www.chezpim.com

Chinkerfly Has Landed
Twitter: Chinkerfly
URL: http://www.netvibes.com/chinkerfly
Twitters about: "I use twitter to stay on top of what's happening before it's reported in mainstream media, looking for more foodies to follow!"

Cranky and Stinky
Twitter: m750
URL: http://www.crankynstinky.com
Twitters about: "I blog about my cooking, my farm, and cycling. I twitter as a communication tool; tweet ups, bragging about meals..."

Cupcakes Take the Cake
Twitter: niche
URL: http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com

David Lebovitz
Twitter: davidlebovitz
URL: http://www.davidlebovitz.com

Deb Puchalla
Twitter: everydayfooddeb
URL: http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/dinnertonight
Twitters about: Uses Twitter to talk about what's going on on the Dinner Tonight blog at Martha Stewart. And to coordinate blog events on DT.

The Delicious Life
Twitter: thedelicious
URL: http://thedeliciouslife.blogspot.com
Twitters about: Often makes funny observations about life. Used to talk about what's going on behind the scenes of Tastespotting, but mostly does that @tastespotting now.

EAT Boutique
Twitter: mizmaggieb
URL: http://www.eatboutique.com
Twitters about: "Everything... share what I'm eating, share blog posts (EatBoutique.com), find good local restaurants, etc."

Ed Levine
Twitter: edlevine
URL: http://www.seriouseats.com
Twitters about: His meals, if we nudge him hard enough. It's like pullin' teeth with this guy!

Twitter: shunafish
URL: http://eggbeater.typepad.com

Twitter: Jeters
URL: http://foodbat.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "Mostly to get ideas, bounce off other people."

Twitter: CarolynJung
URL: http://www.foodgal.com

The Foodgeek
Twitter: thefoodgeek
URL: http://thefoodgeek.com
Twitters about: ""

Good Wines Under $20
Twitter: drdebs
URL: http://goodwineunder20.blogspot.com

Homesick Texan
Twitter: homesicktexan
URL: http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com

The Hungry Hamburger
Twitter: zoburger
URL: http://thehungryhamburger.com
Twitters about: "In the process of starting my food blog, The Hungry Hamburger. URL to follow. Twitter for personal use, always involving food."

Julie's Raw Ambition
Twitter: JulieK
URL: http://juliesrawambition.com
Twitters about: "Twitter's 4 staying in contact w/my foodie & health community & friends, 4 networking, 4 venting, & 4 blog post updates."

Kitchen Wench
Twitter: kitchenwench
URL: http://www.insanitytheory.net/kitchenwench

Life Begins at 30
Twitter: lifebeginsat30
URL: http://www.lifebeginsat30.com

Twitter: MattArmendariz
URL: http://mattbites.typepad.com/mattbites/

Mytrle Beach Restaurant News
Twitter: writinggal
URL: http://myrtlebeachrestaurantnews.com
Twitters about: "I use Twitter to release restaurant news bulletins and to interact with other humans from my home office."

Offbeat Eating
Twitter: offbeat_eating
URL: http://www.offbeateating.com
Twitters about: "I use Twitter to find like-minded foodie peeps and keep track of blog updates as many bloggers post new updates via twitter."

Philly Grub
Twitter: phillygrub
URL: http://phillygrub.ning.com
Twitters about: "I use it to call attention to new blog posts, also my daily activities as it pertains to food, and to converse with other foodies :)"

Panini Happy
Twitter: PaniniKathy
URL: http://paninihappy.com
Twitters about: "I use twitter to keep up with the food blogging world, hear what folks are up to and let people know what's on my mind!"

Rasa Malaysia
Twitter: rasamalaysia
URL: http://rasamalaysia.com
Twitters about: "I use Twitter to inform everyone where I am in the world. I travel almost every month overseas now so this is a real handy feature. :)"

Simply Recipes
Twitter: simplyrecipes
URL: http://www.elise.com/recipes

Twitter: Slice
URL: http://slice.seriouseats.com
Twitters about: "Pizza. I use it to try to engage Sliceheads and get feedback on what I should cover or do differently on the site."

So Many Flavors, So Little Time
Twitter: sbarton1220
URL: http://somanyflavors.wordpress.com
Twitters about: "I'm a food/life blogger and I use twitter for social and networking purposes."

Steamy Kitchen
Twitter: steamykitchen
URL: http://www.steamykitchen.com

Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy
Twitter: StickyGooeyChef
URL: http://stickygooeycreamychewy.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "I use it to chat with fellow bloggers, get to know new ones, keep track of updates and send out my own updates. Love it!"

The Student Stomach
Twitter: StudentStomach
URL: http://thestudentstomach.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "I use it to ramble. And to listen to other food bloggers ramble. So hilarious."

Superficial Burns
Twitter: lillyj
URL: http://superburns.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "I'm a food blogger... twitter's great b/c i've met & gotten to know food bloggers and its so cool being apart of the community."

Sushi Day
Twitter: sushiday
URL: http://sushiday.com
Twitters about: "I use Twitter to promote my sushi blog and have conversations with other bloggers, both in and out of the food blogging world."

Sweet Blog o' Mine
Twitter: sweetblogomine
URL: http://www.sweetblogomine.com
Twitters about: "Just using it every now and again. Not so much food-specific, but food is always in the mix!"

Twitter: CateOMalley
URL: http://sweetnicks.com

Sweet, Sweet Wonderland
Twitter: sweetiebird
URL: http://www.sweetsweetwonderland.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "Ha! Twitter is for making the awesome and essential sidecoments I otherwise wouldn't make because there's no one to talk to. :P"

Taste Memory
Twitter: tastememory
URL: http://www.tastememory.com

Ten Thousand Tacos
Twitter: taterloyyd
URL: http://www.tenthousandtacos.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "I use twitter to let people know what's going on in my life and when I've updated my blog."

Twig Farm
Twitter: twigfarm
URL: http://www.twigfarm.com
Twitters about: "I use twitter for updating the blog and keeping up w/ the nytimes style section which farmers don't have time for.... Actually maybe we do have time for the style section."

Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude
Twitter: Leroy_Pitts
URL: http://uglydudefood.com
Twitters about: "I am a food blogger, and I primarily use Twitter to write silly things and complain when the work cafeteria is out of salads."

Vegan Vanguard
Twitter: RipeTomato
URL: http://www.vegan-vanguard.blogspot.com
Twitters about: "vegan food blogger, twitter for food updates, keeping in touch with friends/fans/people I'm a fan of, notifying friends of food"

Add Yourself to This List

If you're not here and you want to be, simply copy the following code and paste it into the comments below, filling in your info as you do so.

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Twitters about:

Use '#foodblogger' Tag to Find Other Food Bloggers on Twitter

I might also suggest tweeting out a tweet that simply says #foodblogger, using the hash mark as a way to sort of "tag" yourself as a food blogger. That way, anyone doing a Twitter search for "#foodblogger" will get you in the results and be able to start "following" you.

Update (9/15/2008, 4:34 p.m. ET): After suggesting this morning that people use the #foodblogger hashmark tag to label themselves food bloggers, TONS of people have done so. It's not created a little de facto directory of Twitter-using food bloggers. Do a Twitter Search for the term: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23foodblogger