According to the Ad Freak blog, the following videos (after the jump) are the first national ad campaign for Oberto beef jerky.

They're mildly amusing and somewhat bizarre, and maybe they'll go some way toward elevating jerky beyond a road-trip snack, for which it is ideally suited. Still, I prefer the weird mom-and-pop local brands that you find at truck stops and gas stations. No clever marketing campaign can top the regional flavors of jerky that you find as you drive cross-country.

And as far as jerky commercials go, there's no topping the old Randy "Macho Man" Savage spots for Slim Jim. Those were truly surreal and memorable.

Oberto Beef Jerky 'Don't Be a Sidekick' Campaign

Bonus: Randy 'Macho Man' Savage Snaps into a Slim Jim


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