I've been trying to get my boyfriend to dress up as champion eater Takeru Kobayashi for Halloween for a while now, but now that Kobayashi has his own line of t-shirts, maybe he'll actually consider it. (Think about it: just a t-shirt with some strategically placed ketchup stains, shorts and a hot dog. So easy.)

Kobayashi admits he didn't have a hand in designing the shirts, but they're still pretty funny. They say things like: "Kobayashi Eats Chestnuts for Breakfasts," "Kobayashi Ate My Homework" and of course "Kobayashi Banzai."

Thrillist caught up with the competitive eating star today and got a little insight into his own personal hot dog habits.

Do you ever casually enjoy a hot dog? Yes, I do.

What do you put on it? Ketchup and mustard.

Do you have a favorite brand? (Laughs) Most people call me the Hot Dog King, but I can't answer your question until I try all of the different hot dogs.

Now that he's conquered the fashion world, what's next for the Japanese mega eater? The Krystal Square Off in Chattanooga, Tennessee. [via MenuPages Chicago]


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