Superstar intern Sarah Wolf just got back from a summer study in Paris, where she ate seriously, of course. This is the first of her snapshots from the City of Lights. —Adam


Gérard Mulot and their croque monsieur.

See that little fleck of green in this warm, crispy croque monsieur from renowned patisserie Gérard Mulot, peeking out from inside the ham, melted cheese and butter-drenched toast? Yes, in the midst of all the delicious fat, that is indeed a vegetable—zucchini, to be exact. Thanks to its added crunch and its ability to convince me that it was somehow counteracting the damage the other ingredients were doing to my arteries, the zucchini helped establish this as the best sandwich—if not necessarily the best lunch—I had in Paris. I devoured it in the Jardin du Luxembourg, the big beautiful garden a few blocks from the patisserie, while sitting on a lounge chair and looking out at the trees and the pond. Following it with one of Mulot's incredible lemon tarts didn't hurt the meal, either.

If you can't buy the genuine article in Paris, try to make your own!

Gérard Mulot

76 Rue de Seine, 75006, 6th Arrondissement, Paris, France (map)
01 43 26 85 77


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