20080728-nfns-finale.jpgAnd then there was one.

Tonight's season-ending episode made room for a new, more permanent face on the Food Network. Starting next week, you'll see this person—revealed after the jump—debut with a new show, and we can only hope success comes in as rich a form as T.G.I. Friday's commercials, as with former winner Guy Fieri.

For the final challenge, remaining contestants Aaron, Adam, and Lisa had to produce a pilot television show with help from Good Morning Australia and A Current Affair broadcaster alum Gordon Elliott. So whose face will we be seeing more on television?

20080727-aaron-headshot-2.jpgAaron McCargo, Junior, who poses here with a half-peeled apple.

He won with his "Big Daddy's Kitchen" concept, where he prepared jerk-spiced ribeye with plantains and collards. Despite some initial tripping on words—a problem he's battled with all season—and being scared of the film crew "dude moving his camera on his hips," he gave a great performance. Eventually, he had enough confidence to speak in the third person with sass. ("That is what Big Daddy is talk-ing a-bout.")

Some of Our Favorite Aaron Moments This Season

  • When he bombed on stage in Vegas. (Episode 8)

  • When he forgot to make Chicken Parm, half his challenge, but still beat Kelsey. (Episode 7)

  • When he got the Girl Scout brownie sous chef with the cutest, squishiest cheeks. (Episode 6)

  • His use of "hoopty" when describing coq au vin. (Episode 5)

  • His brief reference to missing son Josh. (Episode 4)

  • His bank robbery dramatization on the train. (Episode 2)
  • What About Lisa and Adam?

    They also gave solid performances, but just weren't Big Daddy enough. Will Lisa still cherish her pretty collection of aprons? Will Adam go starving in Philadelphia? Are you still shocked this show beat Project Runway in recent ratings?


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