Can vegans who eat honey still call themselves vegan? In light of honey-eating becoming a bigger part of the vegan diet, Daniel Engber of Slate investigates the different beliefs and facts behind the great vegan honey debate. While one could argue that bees are exploited as industrial pollinators much more so than as honey producers, finding alternatives to honey is more reasonable than limiting one's diet to just wind-pollinated plants. It's safe to say that eating plants is also more important than consuming honey to maintain a healthy diet (or, you know, life).

Since honey is just a euphemism for bee regurgitation (or the alliterative "bee barf," as I prefer), it seems obvious that it fits under the non-vegan category. Should it be a major subject of debate within the vegan community?

"You either eat honey or you don't; to debate the question in public only makes the vegan movement seem silly and dogmatic," says Engber. If you're vegan and the "worst" thing you do is eat honey, I don't think it's something you should lose sleep over.


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