If you check out Ruby Tuesday's website, you will find a bulbous bomb. "We've changed everything at Ruby Tuesday," it says, "now it's time to bid a farewell to the past with one elegant, understated gesture." The last "old" Ruby Tuesday—they are keeping the location secret—will be literally blown up on Tuesday, August 5 at 3 p.m. ET, and the spectacle will be broadcast online.

Bombing, figuratively at least, is the recent theme for casual dining restaurants, given a tough economy and food inflation. Bennigan's announced bankruptcy earlier this week.

The demolition will inspire Ruby Tuesday's "it's a brand new Tuesday" ad campaign and a total overhaul of the struggling image at all 948 locations. According to Brandweek, the bar and grill menu will now feature "simple, fresh, American" fare, and the Tiffany lamps and tchotchkes? Those will be ousted to make room for a new "simple and modern" style. We're a bit sad to see the tchotchkes go. Aren't you? And are explosives really necessary? [via Gawker]

Update: Ruby Tuesday punked us all: It was a prank.


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