Make Your Own Wine at Home

Photograph from home winemaking tutorial site, Cook Prairie Wines

It's a little more of an upscale DIY project than, say, baking your bread or growing your own garden, but wine enthusiasts too can turn their love into a full-fledged hands-on hobby by making wine at home:

"The growth and interest in wine generally over the last decade has really fueled an interest in winemaking as a hobby," says Brad Ring, publisher of Winemaker magazine. "With the greater availability of grapes, equipment and information, it’s come on strong as a hobby."

[...] All of which means that you don’t need to buy a vineyard in Tuscany or the Loire Valley to create your own label of succulent red or crisp white. In fact, all you need these days is a few hundreds dollars, some space in your garage or basement, and a little spare time.

Winemaking may sound intimidating, but the way Ring describes the process, it sounds quite simple: make juice from grapes, ferment it, ferment it again, strain it, store it, and bottle it. Grapes are available year-round, and winemaking supply stores even settle bottled grape juice made specially for the task. Check out the many home winemaking websites for more information.

Should you end up feeling particularly pleased and ambitious about your finished product, you can even enter it in amateur winemaking competitions, like the annual Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition.

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