In Videos: How to Use Urbanspoon Feature on iPhones


Like the iPhone's lightsaber application, iSaber, the Urbanspoon service only works after a good shake. Instead of making whooshing noises to recreate the Jedi knight experience, this feature supplies restaurant suggestions by price, cuisine, and neighborhood.

Urbanspoon accesses the phone's internal navigation system to find nearby options, but as New York Times critic Frank Bruni warns, you could be "shaking your way to carpal tunnel syndrome before it pops up." He concludes that Urbanspoon is a restaurant hunt's beginning, not end, since the service doesn't properly account for proximity, already sold-out bookings, or a restaurant's deliciousness seniority. Again, the Magic 8-Ball shake makes up for most inconvenience. After the jump, watch an informational video on Urbanspoon, free to new and old iPhone owners.

How to Use Urbanspoon Feature on iPhones


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