The lord moves in mysterious ways, but how often is artificial cheddar powder involved? Virgin Mary toast was just the beginning of religious visions you can eat. Kelly Ramey of High Ridge, Missouri, was just crunching along when she spotted "Cheesus," the crucifixion-reminiscent single Cheeto she's now storing in a special box. "I looked at that and thought, oh, my, that looks like Jesus...it was just like wow!"

She's not selling it on eBay because "of the joy that it's bringing." The best is when pastor David Bennett of Kirkwood United Methodist Church asserts, completely straight-faced and unfazed by the episode, "people can find Jesus in each of us like she's found in this object." Whether singing gospel hymns, or munching on puffed corn snacks, you too can find divinity. Watch the video—a CBS raw clip without voice-overs, which makes this whole thing even creepier—after the jump.

Jesus in Cheetos Form


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