In Videos: The Off-the-Menu McDonald's Brunch Sandwich


Brunch haters are few and far between, but McDonald's is one of them. That 11 a.m. deadline for breakfast foods is so strict, leaving absolutely no wiggle room between Egg McMuffin and Big Mac service. Is it so wrong to crave an egg sandwich at lunchtime and double meat patty at 9 a.m.? Or both at once? Don't they stock everything in the back anyway?

Two self-proclaimed "Internet Celebrities" Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam hopped into a fast food spaceship to another cosmos where McDonald's brunch sandwiches exist. Arriving at 10:55 a.m. just before the changing of the guard, they ordered breakfast then hopped back into line at 11:01 a.m.

The result: Canadian bacon, the "round eggy thing," fries, Premium Chicken Select Strips, and honey mustard, all inside the McGriddle bread. Yes, they went there. Because they call the shots, "not the clown." After the jump, watch the meal rebellion, but be aware, the language is NSFW. [via SoGoodBlog]

The McDonald's Futuristic Brunch Sandwich


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