With Apple HQ in nearby Cupertino, there's got to be a lot of iPhone freaks in San Francisco willing to stand in line to grab a 3G handset the minute it's released on Friday morning. In anticipation, we asked our SF correspondents Jennifer Maiser and Harold Check for their picks.

Apple Store, Stockton Street

'wichcraft: Tom Colicchio's great sandwich options, like the fried egg one available all day, can be found at the Mission Street entrance of the Westfield Mall. 868 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103 (map) [JM]

Medicine Eatstation: About a five-minute walk from the Apple store with satisfying bento boxes to keep you energized. 161 Sutter Street, San Francisco CA 94104 (map) [JM]

Bristol Farms: This gourmet market inside the Westfield Mall is full of steam tables, salad bars, pizza, and sushi. 865 Market Street Suite 10, San Francisco CA 94103 (map) [JM]

Sears Fine Food and Dottie's True Blue Cafe: Comfort yourself with breakfast at either of these favorite spots. C'mon, you deserve it. (Even if you can't really afford it.) Sears: 439 Powell Street, San Francisco CA 94102 (map). Dottie's: 522 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (map) [HC]

Apple Store, Chestnut Street

Pluto's Fresh Food For a Hungry Universe: Quick, filling and mobile, the build-your-own salads are satisfying and the carving stations offer warm turkey, roast beef, steak, and chicken for sandwiches. 3258 Scott Street, San Francisco CA 94123 (map) [JM]

Barney's Hamburger: Lots of vegetarian and non-beef options, but also your spot for an old-fashioned burger. 3344 Steiner Street, San Francisco CA 94123 (map) [JM]

Lucca Delicatessen: A true Italian deli with solid sandwiches and a noteworthy pepper spread. 2120 Chestnut Street, San Francisco CA 94123 (map) [JM]

Apple Store, Stonestown

Sitting in a mall with a lackluster food court, this store requires pick-up options on the way.

Sunrise Deli: The Middle Eastern deli knows how to do shawarma, kabob, falafel, and heaps of hummus. 2115 Irving Street, San Francisco CA, 94122 (map) [JM]

Tower Market: Stock up up on tasty sandwiches, good now or as a snack in the wee hours. 635 Portola Drive, San Francisco CA 94127 (map) [JM]

Yum Yum: This sushi counter offers fresh, inexpensive and easily box-uppable fish. Try the salmon belly roll with house smoked salmon. 2181 Irving Street, San Francisco CA 94122 (map) [JM]

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