20080725-cloudy-meatballs-movie.jpgOpening the Chewandswallow Digest this morning, we learned of spaghetti storms in our stars—but not until 2010. Ron and Judi Barrett's classic children's story Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will become a 3-D IMAX film by Sony Pictures Animation, starring Andy Samberg and Anna Faris. Beyond pasta, the town of Chewandswallow will also be deluged by Gorgonzola snow flurries, toast hurricanes, and pea-soup fog.

Since an illustrated 30 pages can only lend so much film fodder, the plot invents a scientist who instigates the edible meteorology in hopes of ending world hunger. (If you remember, the book begins with Grandpa accidentally whacking his grandson with a pancake while flipping one for breakfast, then explains how normal this is in Chewandswallow.) Similar to Twister and Backdraft, the film will have a Mother Nature–gone-wrong twist.

Now, if only we could squeeze our childhood beds into the theaters for ultimate viewing pleasure.


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