Burger King's Little Brat Digs Apple Fries. Do You?

20080716-bkfries.jpgBurger King has unveiled a new twist in its ad campaigns: Little King. So Good has some details. The Little King is the King's bratty offspring. He's quite a trip. The patty prince appears in commercials touting the chain's apple fries (video after the jump), which were introduced last year as part of push toward more kid-friendly meals.

I think I may have to hit the King soon; the girlfriend loves apple snacks and has expressed interest in these things. Any of you adults out there tried the apple fries? What are we in for? They appear to be fresh apples, cut into strips, served cold. Has it really gotten so bad that we have to entice kids to eat apples by cutting them into strips and making them look like french fries?


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