Update on Taco Bell Rip-Off of Drive-Thru Rap Videos

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Turns out that Taco Bell, back in January, had used focus groups operated by Q & A Research to shape the idea for a rip-off of the fast food drive-thru meme. I got in touch with Matt Whitlock, who participated in one of the focus groups--most interesting is that the producers actually took the feedback to heart and reshot the commercial:

The next clip was actually with actors and it was more along the lines of what is played on TV right now, and people said the same thing, but we gave our input. We said it would be better if it looked like it was a YouTube video, like bad quality, amateur film, because the one they showed us was all professionally shot. I brought up the McDonald's rap that I saw on YouTube, and the lady laughed because the next clip she showed was that exact commercial. I actually told them they should have found the original people and paid them to do the Taco Bell rap-commercial!

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