Ice cream molds from Tovolo.

Ice cream sandwiches are the quintessential summertime treat—sweet, refreshing, and pre-rationed into eat-with-your fingers portions. While there are numerous versions of these icy treats available in supermarkets, they are simple and fun to make at home. Especially if you use Tovolo Ice Cream Sandwich Molds.

The steps are easy: whip up a batch of your favorite cookie dough, but instead of dividing it into individual cookies, roll it out and bake it as one big sheet. While the cookies are still warm, use the special Tovolo molds to punch out desired shapes. (Remember to make two cookies for every sandwich!)

Once the cookies have cooled, slide one into the bottom of the mold, top with a scoop of ice cream, a second cookie, and press down with the corresponding stamp. Voilà! Professional-looking treats with homemade flavor.

The Tovolo molds come in classic shapes such as stars and hearts, and also kid-friendly farm animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. Included with the instructions are recipes for doctoring up packaged cookie dough with lemon zest, applesauce, and ground nuts, and enhancing store bought ice cream with fresh berries, poached pears, and cinnamon.


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