20080629-kobayashi.jpgSays his hairdresser's blog (Google-translated from the Japanese):

★ 7 / 4, the international hot dog eating championship, NEISANZU 小林タケルくん、応援しています! Kobayashi TAKERU Swallow, rooting for you! 今日は髪を、マスタード&ケチャップ色にしちゃったりして、やるきグ〜! Today's hair, color of mustard and ketchup and so on the ground YARUKI! これで優勝まちがいなし! This MACHIGAINASHI win!

Kobayashi is, of course, the longtime Japanese hot dog eating champ who was unseated last year at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship by American Joey Chestnut. [via Eat Feats]

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