What kind of wedding cake did the first Supreme Court-approved same-sex couple exchanging wedding vows in San Francisco enjoy earlier this week? A three-layer genoise sponge cake with black pepper-crème fraiche mousse, strawberries, raspberries and rosebud cream, garnished with multicolored Mt. Rainier cherries and wildflowers.

Bay Area chef Elizabeth Falkner, author of Demolition Desserts, was behind the "Love Letter Cake," eaten on Monday after Mayor Gavin Newsome completed the union. Falkner admitted that cake sales at her restaurant and patisserie Citizen Cake, as well as wedding reception bookings at her other spot Orson, have already shot up now that California residents are able to engage in same-sex unions.

Politics aside, bakery owners should consider placing more orders of those same-sex cake-topping figurines.


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