Come on in 'The Kitchn'


This week, The Kitchn shows you how to make use of spring rhubarb with an easy recipe for rhubarb and lavender crumble that doesn't require any stewing or pre-cooking.

Also on The Kitchn, recipe for an easy spring greens salad, making salad dressings in jam jars, what to do with raw cow's colostrum, and why carrots turn green in carrot cake.

  • Eating From the Garden: Meyer Lemon Spring Salad with Baby Greens, Herbs, Almonds and Goat Cheese: Mix some spring greens with your favorite kinds of herbs, nuts, and cheeses for an easy salad. The Kitchn uses goat cheese and sliced toasted almonds with their baby greens.
  • Easy Jam Jar Salad Dressings: Stick salad dressing ingredients into a jar and shake it until it's completely emulsified for an easy dressing that's already in its storage container. The jar doesn't necessarily have to be cleaned out; the last sweet dregs can be made a part of the dressing.
  • Cooking With Colostrum: It's unlikely that you'll ever cook with raw cow's colostrum (the first milk of a lactating being packed with nutrients and antibodies), but in case you do, here are a (very) few suggestions.
  • Food Science: When Good Carrots Turn Green: If the carrots in your carrot cake are turning green, you may have to adjust how much baking soda you're using. The changes in pH levels from the alkaline baking soda affects the carrot's pigment.