In Videos: A Tribute to Dr. Fredric J. Baur, Pringles Can Inventor


In honor of the invention the recently deceased Dr. Fredric J. Baur was most proud of, we submit a handful of Pringles commercials for your approval. From a 1973 spot that introduces the "newfangled" potato chip to a bewildered nation to a Weird Science meets Pretty In Pink meets Revenge of the Nerds commercial from the '80s. There's also the SoCal-styled Pringles ad that Brad Pitt makes an early appearance in. And, so, so sugoi, a Japanese Pringles commercial that introduces "Funky Soy Sauce" flavor chips. Grab a couple Pringles, make a duck mouth, and watch with us after the jump.

1973 Pringles Introduction

As a word nerd, I find it interesting that the brand evolved from Pringle's Newfangled Potato Chips (note the apostrophe) to Pringles, which seems to indicate that at one point, they may have been positioned as the invention of a single person—perhaps "Mr. Pringle." The eventual omission of the apostrophe and the "potato chip" reference reflects how we come to think of them today—less the product of one person than an entity unto themselves.

Anyway, Wikipedia says the name was chosen from the Cincinnati phone book, by Cincy-based Procter & Gamble, the snack's makers. Named for Pringle Street there. And enough with the trivia—back to the show...

Link: 1973 Pringles Ad [YouTube]

Like, Totally '80s Pringles Spot

Link: Totally '80s Pringles Ad [YouTube]

Brad Pitt in Cheesy Pringles Commercial

Link: Brad Pitt Pringles Dorkiness [YouTube]

Funky Soy Sauce

Link: Funky Soy Sauce Pringles [YouTube]


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