2008-06-23-heinz-mayo-ad.jpgAfter less than a week on British television, a Heinz Mayo advertisement featuring two men kissing—essentially it's just a peck—got yanked after Heinz's ad agency received nearly 200 complaints, reports the Guardian.

The thirty-second commercial displays two children rushing out for school as "Mum," a white-aproned New Yorker-sounding deli man, slathers mayo onto their sandwiches in the kitchen. The scene's "Dad" walks through to grab his lunch, kissing "Mum" on his way out, who calls him "sweet cheeks." The point here seems to be that the sandwich tastes so good, it's like you have your own New York deli man in the kitchen—not that sandwiches taste better after two men kiss. Average domestic "Mum" can be transformed into a top-notch sandwich maker from the world's deli capital with Heinz Mayo.

The funny part is that the UK product isn't even widely available in New York, let alone the United States at all. Watch the video after the jump.

The Heinz Mayo Commercial

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