FIT Grads Design Funky Food Labels


What with the Fashion Institute of Technology directly across the street from Serious Eats Headquarters, we couldn't help but be excited by this sample work from recent grads of the two-year package design program. The original labels show off the student's talented ideas, such as the ones above from (clockwise from top left) Diana Luistro, Michael Iny, Mayuko Hari, and Jesse Kirsch. Find more, including mock-ups for fruit peelers, egg cartons and hot sauces, after the jump.


By Rei Yoshimoto Wright
A triangular home for eggs. The container may be stylish and sustainable-looking, but only holds half of a half dozen! (Three is about enough for a single omelet.)


By Robert Bijoyan
Expected mouth reactions for each hot sauce flavor of the "Red" line.


By Mayuko Hari
Minimalist, monochromatic silhouettes for teapots and utensils. Simple, classy and brings Hitchcock to mind.


By Eric Rodriguez
They look like doggie bags, but instead of a half-eaten hamburger inside, there's supposed to be a scrumptious baked good.


By Michael Iny
I love Dunkin' coffee so much, I could definitely guzzle down a Big Gulp-sized pitcher of it from here.


By Diana Luistro
Comic booky characters for each of the "Caffiends" espresso beans products. The artist even created bios, found on the back of each label.


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