Artist's rendering of the future of sports, which unsettlingly resembles the extreme commercialism and marketing-controlled future depicted in comedy movie Idiocracy.

Looking at a WNBA jersey will soon make your subconscious crave a greasy Southern-style chicken sandwich. As part of an ad campaign for their Chick-Fil-A-ish creation, McDonalds is branding all fourteen WNBA team jerseys with the Double Arches. The iconic logo will also sneak up on pole pads, seat backs, on-court decals and other courtside signage during the league's season-opening week. When asked if other corporate sponsors could soon nab jersey space, WNBA President Donna Orender responded with the late McDonalds adage. "It could happen." [via AdAge]

Throwdown: Chick-fil-A vs. McDonald's Southern Style Chicken


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