BBQ Donut Pontoon Combines Rafting and Grilling

Or, 'Smoke on the Water'


Imagine one of those amusement park water rides—the ones where you float down a "river" atop one of those large rubber doughnuts, with five other people, snaking under waterfalls and through "rapids." Now imagine you're all facing a flaming grill instead of holding on to safety rails.

This completely insane rig from Germany—called the BBQ Donut—brings that imagined scenario to life.



The BBQ Donut is customizable, with accessories like a sound system, a "chill out" pad that replaces the grill center of the float with a sunbathing platform, and an umbrella attachment.

Don't worry, you won't float rudderless. Looks like there's a small outboard electric motor to keep you on course to Leisure Island. [via Fast Food Critic]

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