Two weeks ago I ate dinner at Mario Batali's Babbo with Tina Wong (aka The Wandering Eater) and two of our friends for a indulgent night resulting in food comas all around. If you've thought about going but have yet to make the month-in-advance reservation, read Tina's food porn-laden review and you'll probably change your mind.

I have yet to write my review, but we're already making plans to go back, if that's any indication. My perfectly valid reason is that since we didn't have enough time to eat dessert, our meal wasn't complete. Also, I really want another bite of one of their pig’s foot “Milanese”, one of the most heavenly slabs of fat I've ever eaten.

The Wandering Eater at Momofuku Ko
Photo of the Day: WD-50
Photo of the Day: Cheddar and Bacon Chive Scone
Heavenly Panna Cotta by Gina DePalma, Babbo's pastry chef

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