french toast & ham sandwich at Thuet (by yuko 'n sherlock)

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Despite being subjected to the familiar "don't play with your food" parental instruction throughout my childhood, as an adult I can't help but succumb to a little makeshift breakfast sandwich action. The most popular (and easiest to assemble), has got to be the irresistible pancake-bacon combo, or you can get a little more serious, as in the case of the waffle sandwich I posted about here last September.

It's always fun to create your own monstrosity, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for the chef who saves you (and by that I mean my wife) from the embarrassment of a self-made sandwich at the table. Such is the case with the seared smoked pork loin and French toast sandwich served for brunch at Thuet, a Toronto restaurant-bakery-boulangerie-atelier run by Alsatian chef Marc Thuet.

The sandwich starts with the Thuet Bakery brioche, a challah-style egg bread that gets sliced thick and soaked in a bath of eggs, cinnamon, and cream. After spending five minutes in a cast iron skillet, the newly French-toasted bread sandwiches slices of smoked Manitoba Berkshire pork shoulder that have been quickly seared on both sides.

The whole thing is then sliced in half and topped with a handful of diced seasonal fruit (right now it's mango and kiwi), before being dusted with icing sugar and topped with a generous pour of maple syrup from the Paul M. Sherk Farm in St. Clements, Ontario.

All the fun of playing with your breakfast, but none of the guilt.


Address: 609 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M5
Phone: 416-603-2777


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