iowastatedonutrun.jpgDo you like running? And eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts? At the same time? Then make sure you enter this year's Iowa Sate University Doughnut Run taking place on April 13th. You won't actually stuff your face with doughnuts while on the run, but you will have the opportunity to eat donuts at the aid stations for the chance of shaving seconds off your final running time. (Eating doughnuts isn't required to run the race; then again, why else would you enter it?) Time will only be subtracted for doughnuts you keep in your stomach though; digested doughnuts upchucked before crossing the finish line don't count. [via neatorama]

North Carolina State University's Krispy Kreme Challenge is another doughnut-themed marathon with a different set of guidelines: run two miles, eat a dozen doughnuts, then run another two miles, all in under an hour. And try not to puke. This year's race is over, but you can always prepare for next year's!


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