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In Videos: Jack Black Interviewed on 'Cooking With Rockstars'


In the web show Cooking With Rockstars, famous rockstars (including Rufus Wainwright, Robyn Hitchcock, and the Raveonettes) are interviewed about food. Jack Black reveals that his favorite dish to make is the Dorito Burrito: "flour tortilla, cheddar cheese, Dorito chips laid down in the middle, microwave, folded up, crispy, burrito." But only Nacho Cheese Doritos will do; Cool Ranch doesn't work because "that's a mixture of tastes—the cheese on top of the cool ranch is a clashing I don't want to deal with."

Learn more about Jack Black's food preferences (ketchup is good, onions are bad); after the jump.

Jack Black Interview on Cooking With Rockstars


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