ramsaynightmares.jpgFormer restaurant manager Martin Hyde was left red-faced after his restaurant, Dillons, was featured on Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" last season, and is now suing the celebrity chef for £500,000 (almost $990,000) for having ruined his career and reputation.

Mr Hyde, who lived in Balham, South London, before moving to New York more than a decade ago, said he now lives in fear of being recognised as "that loser from the Ramsay kitchen show".

"Being ridiculed by Gordon Ramsay on TV has wrecked my life," he said. 'Gordon completely assassinated my character.

"My reputation is in tatters and nobody wants to employ me. I've only managed to watch it once - because it is like watching myself getting mugged."

Hyde claims that many scenes were faked for the cameras, and says much of the footage was edited to portray him as being lazy. He filed against Ramsay last year but the case was dismissed in court. Will the suit hold up this time around? [via Grub Street]


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