After Three Years, Pinkberry Finally Approved as 'Frozen Yogurt'

pinkberry.jpgAfter settling a lawsuit where they were accused for misrepresenting their product as frozen yogurt, Pinkberry has decided to come clean. The ultra-popular frozen yogurt chain has at last unveiled their list of "secret ingredients," added more live cultures, and began making their product off-site, earning them an official 'Live and Active Culture' seal from the National Frozen Yogurt Association.

Will it make that much of a difference? Probably not. Pinkberry's had a stronghold on the fro-yo scene, despite the influx of competitors in the past year. Red Mango, Pinkberry's big rival (and actually the original fro-yo chain from South Korea that was inspiration for Pinkberry), has always touted the fact that their fro-yo meets the NYA's criteria for live and active culture yogurt but it hasn't seemed to significantly bolster their popularity. Oh well, guess the fro-yo war wages on... [via Eater LA]

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