'A Suspicious-Looking Chest Freezer in the Background ...'

20080310-bourdain.jpgI just mentioned Bourdain in an earlier post as being one of Serious Eats's favorites. Here's just one reason why. From his Travel Channel blog:

Currently, wading through the submissions for the Travel with Tony thing—an often terrifying task. Just started in—but so far it’s like choosing between John Wayne Gacy, Linda Kasabian, or Robyn Miller. So many people seem to be videoing themselves from a cellar apartment—a suspicious-looking chest freezer in the background. Posters of Taxi Driver and multiple copies of Catcher in the Rye. Empty tubes of airplane glue. A plastic tarpaulin rolled up against wood paneling … So many candidates seem to want to take me to rural areas in the Pacific Northwest. The words “drainage culvert” and “wooded area” keep coming up. And I’m supposed to TRAVEL with one of these people? I’m demanding a full background check, polygraph…and a Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality test—along with the usual Rorsach

Since we know Serious Eats readers are not homicidal Dungeon Master basement dwellers, maybe we can help Bourdain out here by mentioning to our fair audience that the Travel with Tony contest (it's exactly what it sounds like, folks) is open to video-entry submissions until March 15.

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