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Foodstuffs White People Like


Yeah, by now I think the blog Stuff White People Like has made the rounds. Here's a list of all the food-related material on the site so far. The site is probably better described as "Stuff Yuppies Like," and some of these write-ups are pretty spot on:

The rest are pretty self-explanatory, but do click through for the hilarious send-ups.

On a side note: In one of the entries on Stuff White People Like, a Serious Eats writer is pictured. It's not a food one, and I'm not going to tell you who! ;) If you can figure it out, we'll give you a copy of Michel Richard's Happy in the Kitchen. Just email me (adam@seriouseats.com) with the name of the Serious Eater and the URL where you think s/he's pictured. Friends and family of said Serious Eater need not apply. First correct answer wins.

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