Pickle Sickle, Anyone?

Nothing beats the heat on a hot, sweaty day like a...frozen pickle pop? These kids seem to think so.


Photograph from picklesickle.com

Bob's Pickle Pops are gaining in popularity, both in schools and among those watching their weight. Made "not from just the brine left over from pickling, but from freshly squeezed pickles, much like an apple or orange is pressed," Bob's Pickle Pops are consumed either "frozen or unfrozen".

As a pickle lover, I'm torn; is this the best or worst idea ever?

According to the Pickle Sickle website, I'm not alone:

"This is one of those crazy ideas that should have died a quick and horrible death right from the beginning, right? But it didn't. As a matter of fact, it is an idea that just won't die."

Pickle Sickle insists that trying them means liking them, and that people can't get enough of the "bizarre tasting Texas craze." Would anyone like to split a case?

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