The Salt Lake Tribune thought it would be fun to get top Utah chefs to taste test military MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) and capture their priceless expressions on film. The result is about three minutes of chefs unhappily poking at lumpy piles in various shades of brown that are meant to taste like familiar dishes, such as "pork rib" or "cheese and vegetable omelet," but taste more like Spam and nitrates.

Of course, accuracy of flavor isn't the military's highest concern when formulating a product that "has to be able to withstand an airdrop from thousands of feet, last in storage at temperatures of 100 degrees for six months, and sate the ravenous hunger of—and provide a full day's worth of calories for—a U.S. Marine, for example, after a hard day at war," but it's still amusing. Watch the pained faces of the chefs, after the jump.

Chefs Taste Test Military 'Meals, Ready to Eat'


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