I know many of you are probably sick of reading about Momofuku chef David Chang (as he himself probably is), but his quote in The New Yorker about his current relationship cracked me up:

"I’m finally dating somebody that I don’t hate her guts,” he says. “We had dinner yesterday and I was like, I don’t hate you at all! You know?” His girlfriend is also Korean-American, and was also raised to be brilliant at something—where he played golf, she played the violin. She now works in the advertising department of Microsoft. She seems to tolerate him amazingly well. “I am the worst boyfriend ever,” he says. “I’m high maintenance. I mean, you have no idea how high maintenance."

The truth is that most talented chefs are high maintenance. Do you think Thomas Keller wouldn't be a high maintenance significant other? Let's face it: We're all high maintenance in one way or another.

One other question: What do you think Chang's girlfriend said in response to "I don't hate you at all. You know?"


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