The top 10 most delicious posts on Serious Eats this week were:

  1. Golden Clog Nominees Announced; Bourdain Skewers Self [Required Eating]
  2. Robert Irvine's Bio Pulled from Food Network Website; Wikipedia Entry Edited and Celebrity Chef Has Pants on Fire (I had to combine these two.) [Required Eating]
  3. Iron Cheffing and Judging Are Legit (If Imperfect) [Required Eating]
  4. For a Drink You Can't Put Down: Bottoms Up [Required Eating]
  5. Dinner Tonight: Brick Chicken [Recipes]
  6. 'I Drank your Milkshake!' [Talk]
  7. Colbert Report: People Destroying America, Happy Meal [Required Eating]
  8. Do you tip for take out that you pick-up yourself? [Talk]
  9. Suicidal Cadbury Creme Egg Commercials [Required Eating]
  10. Serious Sandwiches: Whatta Tuna Sandwich! [Recipes]

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