Best Sugar High from Lingerie Ever

20080212_Candybra.jpg Candy necklaces are so rated-PG. Go for the saucy bra and g-string set instead, made of sweet Smarties-like beads. Besides, we all know the gelatinous, fruit snack-like alternatives are pretty overplayed and far less glam. This one is awfully skimpy however, with its one-size-fits-most caveat. And nut allergy victims should be forewarned—it's made in a factory with nut-containing foods according to one online shop. First no peanut butter, now this!

In 2006, talk show diva Kelly Ripa received one from Rege, and while cat-walking across the stage in her new brasserie she yelled, “This could be the greatest gift I've ever got!” Not a bad usage of $8.95.

After the jump, Kelly Ripa models the candy bra.

Kelly Ripa Wears a Candy Bra

About the author: Erin Zimmer, Serious Eats's Washington, D.C., correspondent, is a just-graduated Georgetown gal following her nose about town as Washingtonian magazine's Dining intern and Best Bites blogger. She got her start as the Hoya campus paper's food columnist, and since entering "real person-hood" has ached for her dining hall's omelet station.