durianpastry.jpgJoe DiStefano at Gothamist found liulan soo, flaky durian cream-filled pastries, at Chatham Square Restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown. I would describe the flavor of durian as a mix of garlic and onion—not necessarily horrendous (although other people would disagree), nor something I'd dream about eating—but Joe highly recommends these pastries:

"It had a kinder, gentler flavor than fresh durian, which has a funky undertone that can linger for quite some time after one has swallowed the last creamy bit. In fact the green and yellow treats were so tasty that almost as soon as the first plate was finished another was ordered."

As Chinese cuisine isn't known for excelling in the "desserts" department, I think I have to try these for myself.

Chatham Square Restaurant

Address: 6 Chatham Square, New York NY 10038 (map)
Phone: 212-587-8811


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