This commercial has convinced me that Hungarian sausage is the key component to having a kick-ass party. But it's not just the sausage—the song is pretty damn catchy.

Watch the glistening sausage madness after the jump.

Vintage Hungarian Sausage Commercial

Song Lyrics

Ez a Jóska, ez a Gyurka, ez meg itt a véres hurka!
(This is Johnny this is Georgie and this is the liver wurst)
Jóska, Gyurka, véres hurka
(Johnny, Georgie, blood pudding)
Milyen jó a májas hurka!
(Oh how good is the liver wurst)
Hú de jó, sütni való!
(Oh it's so good when it's baked)
A hurka télen-nyáron jó!
(Eat the sausage in winter and in summer)
Itt a kenyér, itt a só
(Here is the bread, here is the salt)
Hurkát enni csuda jó!
(Always good to eat sausage)


June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Sausage Recipe


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