In the News: Cola Linked to Disease; Calories to Be on Menus; Starbucks to Sell $1 Coffee

  • Does cola cause more health problems than other soda?: A new study reveals that drinking two or more colas a day increases your risk twofold of getting chronic kidney disease, due to the high levels of phosphoric acid associated to kidney stones and other renal problems. There was no correlation when drinking non-cola sodas, however. [NY Times]

  • California restaurant makes a 222-pound cheeseburger: Fats Grill and Bar in California has broken the record for the biggest cheeseburger ever made in the state, clocking in at 222 pounds, made with 480 slices of cheese, 40 pounds of tomatoes, and 19 heads of lettuce. [CNN Video]

  • NY chain restaurants to post calories on their menu: The NYC Board of Health are now requiring all chain restaurants in the city to put up the calorie counts for items on their menu starting March 31. [Reuters]

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